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With over 20 years experience our small highly skilled development team work with an international client base from their head office in Phuket, Thailand.

Working closely with our clients from initial concept and design, to launch and dedicated on going support we make sure to deliver and keep delivering on all your I.T. infrastructure.

From your initial concept we will consult on what technology would best suit your needs and work closely with you guiding you through the design, implementation and a final product you can be proud of.

Concept & Design

One to one sessions with our frontend and backend developers
we make sure your concept is realised the way you want it to be.

Testing & Implmentation

Test servers are provided at every stage of your development process. Once finalised, these are published to your production environment.

On Going Support

A dedicated developer will always be on hand to give technical support and assistance, during and after your project completion.

Concept and design, testing and implementation, on going support


With over 20 years of experience we offer a wide range of services from full stack applications, cloud services, database management & maintenance, web & mobile apps and bespoke systems integration.

Consultation & Concept

From our very first meeting we will advise on the technology and strategy to best fit.

Detailing each step throughout with on-going discussion, modification and reactions to consumer testing making sure you and your customer's needs are met.

Design & Implementation

At each stage of your design & implementation phases you have access to test systems to trial every stage of your development process.

At any time we can meet and discuss changes to your requirements and make modifications along the way.


Managed database technologies; MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Firebase and Azure DB.

We understand your database is at the heart of your business, customer service and marketing strategies.

With this essential backbone we guarantee the best technology to support your needs backed by high performance and fail safe fall over redudancy backups.

System Integration

Our seemless integration of your external and internal systems ensures the smooth running of your business.

It's staggering how much time and money can be saved by automating different parts of any business.

We can assess your current infrastructure and discuss ways these can be improved and streamlined.

Front end Applications

We know how important your frontend application is.

As the public face of your business we ensure your web, mobile and desktop applications perform reliably, at a high performance and are designed for ease of use with always the end user in mind.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) we offer a full compliament of services; Cloud storage, Content Delivery Networks, Web & mail servers, Databases, Code repositories & Elastic Search.

Admin Dashboard

Need to contain all of your services into one place?

Your custom tailored web, mobile and desktop software allows you to manage anything from your internal systems & infrastructure to front end websites and mobile apps with services such as bookings, enquiries & real time analytics and data.

Contact us to receive a live demonstration by one of our team.

Why choose us?

With over 20 years experience and an international and prestigous client base we are proud of our dedication to our clients.

A complete service

We don't just stop at start to finish. We carry on working with you making sure your technology works for you.

Be it generating more income or saving time and money streamlining your business we have a invested interest in your success and our relationship matters.

A highly skilled team

With a wide range of skills from UI design & marketing to databases and code development.

We want to make sure you don't need to look elsewhere for all the different I.T needs of your business.

At Cortek Solutions we pride ourselves on assisting our clients at every level.

Change your mind?

It's important you have the flexibility to adjust your requirements along the way.

Sometimes ideas and features present themselves after the initial concept and design phases.

We understand this and help you to work through any adjustments you may wish to make.


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123/58 Saransiri, Koh Kaew, 83000, Phuket, Thailand

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